If a gardener is essential to make flowers grow, a good architect is the key to create a unique project.

After being  part of many works, is a pleasure to say that international architects like Jean-Paul Viguier, Richard Rogers, Toyo Ito or  Zaha Hadid; they all with a big path in the sector and with numerous prizes on their back, have thought in us to give their project this special essence only the natural stone can give.

See how is born an idea and evolves until turning into a real work is one of the best things about this sector. Therefore, Canteras Valsan advises and helps  the architects that want to work with natural stone, finding the option that best fits to achieve the finish they are looking for.




After subtracting from the quarries for almost 60 years, we work with a big range of stones. The oldest ones are Gris Catalan, also known as San Vicente because of its location, and the Rocafort. They are limestone and sandstone respectively. Every stone has different applications but, in the case of these two, both of them can be used for outdoors and indoors.

During all these years we have also subtracted Argent, Oker and, since a few years, only for 5 years, we have started to work with Bruc and Montcau, the first one is a limestone and the other a sandstone. The last one can also be used for everything.

To give every stone a particular usage and different style, each of our stones can be done with the following finishes: honed and brushed for indoors; bush hammered, flamed and sandblasted for outdoors.

If you want to know more about our stones, just check our Stones Catalogue here in this website, we explain you all the details!




Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghái, Sídney, NewYork, Berlin… This are some of the worldwide main cities where our stones are shining.

Visiting Berlin, wondering the streets of London, getting lost on Las Ramblas of our beloved Barcelona. Feeling breathless with the skyscrapers of NYC, falling in love in Paris or getting to know Shanghai are, perhaps, dreams come true for ones or future projects to reach for others.

At Valsan, knowing that a hotel in Shanghai is covering all its bathrooms with Gris Catalan or a façade in Berlin is done with our Argent or a pavement walked on for the Parisians is also Gris Catalan, it’s a fulfilled dream for us. It gives us energy to continue growing and becoming part of new projects around the world.

Leaving a mark with your work is something many people aspire to and, for us, going for a walk in London and knowing that the pavement we are walking on comes from our quarries, where we’ve been working for more than 50 years it’s the physical prove that if you work hard, success will happen.

And for you, what is the best thing about travelling?





One of the most exciting news we can receive is when an architect thinks about our products to create a project: “I’m designing a luxury hotel in Shanghai and I want to use your Gris Catalan for all the bathrooms”.

We cannot celebrate yet; we have to be aware about the complexity of this type of process, where lots of steps are taken before reaching our goal. A couple of years may pass from the initial draft to the final approved project. Once there, we have to wait until our product is required to finish the work.

The project can be in different hands in several occasions but, if the architect insists on using our Gris Catalan to reach his result, then, yes, we are definitively in.

The biggest satisfaction is receiving pictures of the project finished and watching how our natural stone from the heart of Catalonia is shining on the other side of the world. This is what makes us keep on working hard to offer products that inspire our clients.




The Natural Stone business is a very particular sector. Every order is unique not only because of the client’s request but also for the result.

When a client, national or international, an architect or a boss from a building company is interested about any of our products, an advising process starts. Many times the client already knows what we offer because he has references or because he has worked with us before. This way is much faster as the client has an idea of what he wants and we can produce it quicker.

In the case he doesn’t know our stones, and, as we are generally talking about huge amounts of material, the client would preferably come to visit us in our factory in order to see how we manage the product he wants to buy. After watching how we produce, and, the most important thing, touching and seeing the material face to face, that’s when he makes an order.

 The client can choose between stone block (raw material), slabs (semi-processed material) or tiles (finished item) with standard or concrete measures. We adapt to the needs of our clients and we offer him what it adjusts better to the project.




They always say a pictures paint a thousand words, but when talking about natural stone is much more recommended to touch and watch it physically instead of looking it through the screen. For this reason, our clients, even if they are coming from Asturias or Australia, they come to our factory to appreciate the beauty of the stones with their own hands.

Sometimes it keeps me surprised people doing such a journey just to “touch a stone” but, once you explain and show how the process works and present the final result, then you remember again the essence of this sector.

Feeling the roughness, for example, of our Gris Catalan flamed makes you picture automatically how it is going to look on the pavement or façade of your project.




Canteras Valsan is a family company with more than 50 years on the Natural Stone business. We are also innovative, as we have adapted to the current demand in order to keep on satisfying our clients from all over the world.

A special product. All the people working or aware of natural stones know how to appreciate their peculiarities. Unique pieces, same finishes with different results. Infinite possibilities to give to your project the special spark you are looking for.

Change is the only constant. In 2006 we took a step further on international terms to keep on expanding. If we already are referents on the national field, what does stop us to become it on the international one? After a lot of effort, commitment and, the most important, well done work, Canteras Valsan has been able to focus on exports, as the 85% of the total orders are international.




This year we are celebrating the company’s 60th birthday! For this reason we’ve decided to start a blog to share with you our achievements, news and new projects that Valsan & Barcelona Stones have.

Our quarries of natural stone extract material in a regular way to offer you a bunch of different products. Between the limestones we have Bruc, Argent and our starring product; Gris Catalan.

On the other hand we have sandstones; these ones are Oker, Rocafort and Venetian Grey. Moreover, we also have a very special natural stone; Montcau. This stone has two colors; beige and blue, sometimes separated and others mixed. This combination of color scheme is unique.

We will keep on sharing more about our natural stones.

See you soon!