Our quarries lie in the heart of Catalonia, in an area with a historical quarrying tradition just 50 km from Barcelona.

The natural stone was formed as a result of erosion, pressure, movement and compression of the elements in our land, which are unique in the world.

Our work begins at the quarries:

Once we have prepared the ground, which will determine the future structure of the quarry, and the internal transport network, an efficient production cycle begins in which all the materials that are quarried are either used for a specific purpose or recycled. When extracting stone blocks, we use modern technology and specialised vehicles, and our workers are highly skilled.

The blocks obtained are precise and uniform squares. They are classed and marked using a bar code system that enables us to identify them at all times.
  The blocks are transported to our factory, just 20 km away from the quarries.

To offload the blocks, we use large-scale remote-controlled cranes to ensure the safety of our technical support personnel.

The blocks are then cut into slabs. Valsan uses a number of different cutting systems: 3 metres in diameter diamond discs and gangsaws. This is extremely important in guaranteeing the quality of the slab we want to ensure, depending on the final product for which it will be used.

Small diamond discs cut the slabs into different flagstone formats and specialist machines provide a wide range of finishes to the surface of the stone.

The packing, on a europallet or in an export box, carries the complete identification of the product on the labels. All of our materials are certified in accordance with CE regulations.